Jeffrey Dudiak

Dr. Jeffrey Dudiak Potrait Image
Docta Ignorantia

Jeff Dudiak understands philosophy (as the etymology of the word suggests) as a broadly-based, aspiration for wisdom, rather than as a technical specialization.  As a Christian philosopher (in the Quaker tradition), he is interested how “Christian wisdom” can help us orient ourselves in the world which are both prophetic (as a critique of culture) and spiritually attuned (open to being taught by the emerging sensibilities of the times).  How do we remain vigilant to both the necessary nourishment, and the limitations of our traditions?  How do we faithfully navigate these issues in our times?

Dr. Dudiak teaches a broad swath of philosophy courses to students from across the academic disciplines in a small department at a Christian, liberal arts university.  This challenge has helped him learn how to communicate complex ideas to thoughtful, but not necessary expert, audiences.

He is a graduate of Malone University (B.A., religion and psychology), Duquesne University (M.A., psychology), The Institute for Christian Studies (M.Phil., philosophical theology), and the Vrije Universiteit, Amsterdam (Ph.D., philosophy).  He has worked primarily in the areas of Continental philosophy of religion and Quaker religious thought.